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Hey, guys! I have an amazing surprise for you. This blog will be bilingual (English and Spanish)!
From now on, we’ll have a new writer and translator, he's name is Conrad, please make him feel like home. He translated his first story and I really loved it, so I couldn't give me the pleasure to ignored him and I offered the best opportunity.
Here is the story. Welcome Conrad.

“What's up, my love?"

"Please do not call me ‘my love.’"

"Why Baby?"

"Because it is weird for you to say that in the body of a man."

"I didn’t choose to end up like this!"

        • • • • • • • • • • • •

Cecil was walking down the street when a bum asked her for a few coins. She always gives to those who have the most need; it makes her feel good about herself.

"Please sir," she says, leaving him $50, “spend it on something useful."

"Thank you, good girl," says the hobo, holding her hand. The smell of him after having gone days without bathing hit her very strongly in the nostrils; she had a grimace of disgust but took no effort to shake off those hands of his. "Take it and spend it on something useful," he said, putting a stone in the palm of her hand.

The tramp released her hands and she reviewed the piece of stone that now was in her hands.

"Thanks," was all she could say before walking away.

On the trip back to her house she kept the stone the bum had given her in her bag - she kept it because the gentleman had given it to her as a gesture of kindness, she was reflecting on her life when she passed through a gym and watched the people in there as they did their best to be fit. She wondered what it would feel to have a sculpted body while watching a guy training his arms; she saw his biceps as they expanded with each repetition and felt the desire to have them in her hands.

She resumed her trip back home and felt her body began to shake - every part of it felt like jelly until it stopped working and fell off her spot on the bench at the bus stop.

Her body stopped shaking. She saw her legs lengthening and hair starting to grow in blonde along the span of her legs. Her skirt transformed into black athletic pants and they covered her new legs, which felt like every single muscle below her waist had started developing. She began to feel something was pushing through her vagina; a lump began to show in her crotch. With her hand she decided to venture out and touch her new masculine member. She noticed more change happening to her - suddenly she saw how blonde hair appeared to have burst forth from her arms, and since those arms had also been beefing up, her blouse could not contain their new and amazing biceps and ripped the sleeves into a thousand pieces. A pain started from her waist to her neck while her feminine body exploded with masculinity: pecs, abs and back growing and hardening into a perfect “v”, ovaries dropping as testicles into a brand new scrotum, and her widening neck bulging out with an Adam’s apple. The pain was stronger than a hernia and she howled in agony. Her own cry terrified her, because it was not a woman's scream but was a scream of a manly, virile, deep voice. The pieces of her blouse scattered around her furiously amassed on her body to form a new men’s shirt.

After her transformation, she ran straight home, and her husband had not yet arrived. She hurriedly bounded up the stairs to get to the bathroom and look in the mirror… she could not believe that the blond dude with an extremely handsome face who appeared in the reflection, was who she was.

She went to start doing poses to highlight her new muscles, but when she lifted her arms to see herself flex her massive biceps, she froze when a faint yet familiar scent filled her nose. She brought her face to her newly hairy and masculine right armpit. "Now I smell like a real man," she declared in her recently ultra manly voice.

She loved her new scent, no, his new scent, so much that he could not help but inhale it and look in the mirror. His musculature was accentuated very well by the shirt he had on.

“I’m home, my love!" 

A startled Cecil, hearing the voice of his husband, closed the door immediately. "Who’s up there?" asked the unsuspecting spouse, Taylor, shouting up the stairs. While ascending them, his nose picked up a strange smell.

Taylor knocked on the bathroom door. "Honey, is everything okay?"

“What I do? What do I do,” the now he asked himself in panic. Cecil was worried immensely by how his husband might react.

"I'm fine, honey."

Taylor heard the voice of a man and realized that the odor he had smelled was the odor of a man after working out. "Whoever’s in there, open up or I’m calling the police!"

The door opened and a blonde man, tall and broad, came out of the bathroom. Taylor got into a stance to defend himself against this huge muscleman.

"Calm down my love, it’s me, Cecil," said the attractive man to Taylor.

"What have you done with my wife?" 

Cecil's boyfriend hurried to throw a punch the attractive blonde stranger, but he stopped it with his bare hand.

"Woah! My love — I've stopped your blow! I really do have tremendous strength," said Cecil. He let go of his husband's fist to strike a pose pridefully showing off his mountainous biceps.

After Cecil told Taylor what had happened to him, they decided to investigate what had happened, what had produced such a change.

“My love, this, being a man, is incredibly amazing," said Cecil as he got up from his chair to perform poses, muscles exploding. 

"I don’t want to go back to being a woman," the muscular, manly hunk declared, here to stay.

I hope that you have enjoyed it, you'll be reading more from him.

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  1. YES!

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