domingo, 24 de junio de 2018


Randomly body swap happened in the world 
A lot of people swap their gender, age, race
This guy used to be only 5 years Japanese girl Rika
She is rare case because she’s changed age, gender, and race.
I woke up  but I felt something wrong with my body. I raised my hand and I realized that my arm was longer and darker, I looked further and I saw my foot were so big now. I wigged my toes and it felt funny to have hairier and longer toes.
I got scared and I called my dad and mum, at the moment I spoke I heard my voice was deeper, it almost sounded like my dad’s, but I think mine is deeper.
My parents came and they were surprised when they saw me. I would have the same face if I come to my room and see a naked man standing in the middle of the room of my little girl.
“Who are you?!” My dad asked me, putting my mom behind to protect her.
I couldn’t understand what they were saying
“It’s me, dad!”
But I looked in the mirror and all that I could see was a naked man
First I thought “that’s not me!” but this man did same things I was doing. 
And I realized ”this hot man, is me”

I was crying because my body was lost
And I didn’t know what should I do
My parents believe me I’m Rika 
Because they looked my behaviour 
And I’m saying 
I asked dad
“Dad, why did I change body?”
But dad couldn’t answered
I asked many questions for dad and mum
“Why I’m big?”
“Why my body has beard?”
“Why am I a man?”
“Why my body has pictures (tattoos )?”
But my parents didn’t say anything, they cannot answer because they also don’t know what happened to me. And I started crying 

Later I felt that I wanna go pee
But I don’t know how to do that, now that I had a big thing hanging between my legs.
I asked dad “Dad what’s is that like sausage?”
He said “it’s penis that all man has it. You pee with this. Look at me Rika” he stood in front of the toilet and unzipped his pants “Take it out and hold it over the toilet “
“Ok dad”
He did it first and the it was my turn. 
“it’s splashing!! I’m wetting AAAAAHH!” The pee was going all over the place, my pee was splashing all the toilet and all the floor, I couldn’t hit the center.
“Ok Rika I’m holding your penis so you can pee again” he said while he was grabbing my sausage and targeting the center.
“Thanks dad, can you teach me again? It’s hard”
“I’ll teach you every time sweetie”
“Thanks dad” while my dad was holding my sausage, I could feel his warm hand and his rough fingers, it was weird but I liked it “Oh wait, my penis is growing now, what’s happening dad?”
“Um..... adult men sometimes get penis hard. It’s called a boner
But it’s bad word. You can’t use it in public space, okay?”
“Ok dad, but I feel uncomfortable, help me”
“Ok sweetie”
*Rubbing penis*
“Dad it’s good what are you doing?”
“Adult men needs this, but it’s a secret between you and me, okay. You won’t tell mommy about it?”
“Ok dad but it’s fantastic”
He kept rubbing my penis until I felt like peeing again and I let it go. It was the most satisfying things I have ever done. I want to daddy rub my dick all the time.

After I took a bath with dad.


Hey, a friend wrote this and asked me to post it on the blog so I'm finally doing it.
Hope this can work on my inspiration and getting back to write.